“Star” Nova


The five-pointed Star represents strength and courage.



The proud Star Nova symbolizes determination and will. It radiates energy. Brilliance. The Star was one of our first Nova images, so there are more varieties of the Star Nova than with most other Novas. Here are the Nova styles:

  • “Regular” Star Novas feature a Center Spark in the middle of the Star-shaped Nova.
  • “Fractured” Star Novas. The name refers to the way the tunnels in center of the Star are chaotic while tunnels in the arms are simpler. We make these in a process unlike all our other Novas, one which guarantees each arm has a well-defined Spark at the tip.
  • “Negative” Star Novas. In these works, the Nova is around the empty space in the shape of a Star. That makes the Nova Star a negative image.
  • “Unique” Star Novas. The Nova pattern can be anything. The Novas may have multiple Sparks, which appear anywhere. They may have radial tunnels or interlaced tunnels.

In addition to the Star Nova styles, there are four sizes available:

  • 3”D x 0.375” thick disk. This one is a member of our Ornament product line.
  • 4 x 6 x 0.5” block
  • 8”D x 0.5” block
  • 12 x 12 x 0.5” Block

Note: not all styles are available in all sizes. Note: High Tech Art does not currently offer a way to display the 8”D disks to their best advantage yet. The Star Nova that is an acrylic disk 3 inches in diameter and 3/8 of an inch thick is a member of our Ornament product line. All Ornaments come with a complimentary, small 1” white plastic ring to use as a holder. Lay the ring on a light base, and place the Ornament on the ring. Or for a more elegant look, consider purchasing one of our custom-designed Ornament holders, below.

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