“Club” Nova


The pretty Club suggests luck. It is a member of our “playing card suit” set, along with the Diamond, Heart, and Spade.

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The elegant Club Nova whispers of good fortune. Displayed with the Diamond, Heart, and Spade, the Club Nova makes a nice decoration during a Poker or Bridge Game Night.

Clubs and Spades are designed differently than most of our other Novas. Other works are masked so that the image itself is the Nova, like the Diamond and Heart. But the Club and Spade are negatives of the image, to emphasize the difference between the red (Diamond and Heart) and black (Club and Spade) suits.

Being negative images, there is far more variety in the type of Nova image with the Club and Spades. Currently, for Club Novas, we offer only the “Unique” Negative Spark. The Nova pattern in the Unique Clubs can be anything. The Novas may have multiple Sparks, which appear anywhere. They may have radial tunnels or interlaced tunnels. The images are unpredictable and as unique as snowflakes.

The Club is a member of our Ornament product line. All Ornaments come with a complimentary, small 1” white plastic ring to use as a holder. Lay the ring on a light base, and place the Ornament on the ring. Or for a more elegant look, consider purchasing one of our custom-designed Ornament holders, below.

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Dimensions 3 × 0.375 × 3 in
Negative Spark

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