“All-over” Nova


For a little drama, or a little mystery, choose an All-Over Nova.



The All-Over Novas are designed so that the Nova Sparks and tunnels fill the acrylic nearly to the edges. The result varies, depending on the variation of the Nova.

  • The first variation of the All-over Nova Variation features a center Spark, or focal point, where the tiny hairlike tunnels within the acrylic meet.
  • The second variation of this Nova features a edge Spark. Here, the tiny tunnels radiate off a single point on the edge of the acrylic.
  • The third variation of the All-Over Nova is one of the most unique products we offer. There is no center or edge Spark, or focal point, where the tiny hairlike tunnels within the acrylic meet. Instead, there may be many smaller Sparks, or the tunnels may zigzag across and over and under each other. Sometimes the tunnels radiate inward from the edge of the acrylic. The effects are random. No two of these Unique Spark Novas are the same.

The All-Over Nova makes a great conversation piece alone. It also provides a breathtaking addition to a three-dimensional art piece in the science fiction, fantasy, Steampunk, or in any “quirky” creative work.

The All-Over Nova is an acrylic disk 3 inches in diameter, and 3/8 of an inch thick. It is a member of our Ornament product line.

All Ornaments come with a complimentary, small 1” white plastic ring to use as a holder. Lay the ring on a light base, and place the Ornament on the ring. Or for a more elegant look, consider purchasing one of our custom-designed Ornament holders, below.

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