Simple Black 4” Slot-style Light Base with 6 LEDs


Display your clear acrylic, crystal, or glass blocks up to 4 inches wide and ½” thick in bright LED light.

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The Simple Black 4” Slot-Style Light Base with 6 LEDs displays items up to ½” thick with colored LED light. Items wider than 4” will fit, although the areas outside the base will not be as brightly illuminated. The bases are made of cast resin, and all base bodies are black. All bases run on A/C power only (no battery operation). Each base has an on/off switch in the back, near the power cord connector.

This base style is available in the following LED colors: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Lively Multicolor. Wondering what difference the colors make? See the Slider showing photos of the same Oak Leaf lit in each of the six LED colors. Compare and contrast the appearance of the Oak Leaf.

  • White represents simplicity and purity.
  • Powerful Red stands tall and makes a statement.
  • Yellow is soft and warm, less harsh than white can sometimes be.
  • Green is cheerful and fun and full of life.
  • Blue is cool and relaxing.
  • And the high-energy Lively Multicolor constantly flickers and changes, adding excitement to the surroundings. The RGB LEDs are not synchronized and are not controllable, so each one changes color at its own rate.

Your interpretation of the colors may be different.

We also offer 6” and 8” Slot-Style Light Bases in the same colors.

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Oak Leaf Lit with Lively Multicolored LEDs in a 4” Slot Base
Oak Leaf Lit with White LEDs in a 4” Slot Base
Oak Leaf Lit with Blue LEDs in a 4” Slot Base
Oak Leaf Lit with Green LEDs in a 4” Slot Base
Oak Leaf Lit with Red LEDs in a 4” Slot Base
Oak Leaf Lit with Yellow LEDs in a 4” Slot Base

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 2.625 × 1.375 in
LED Colors

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