3”D Disk Holder With Translucent 3/8” Slot


Show your 3 x 0.375” acrylic, glass, or crystal disk at its best with the Ornament Holder.

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Our 3 inch Lichtenberg disks–also called ornaments–come with a white plastic ring. To display your ornament, to place the ring on a point-style light base, and place the ornament in a standing position on the ring. The ring works just fine under perfect conditions. However, in less-perfect conditions, harsh vibrations can make the ornament tip over.

We want to display the ornaments at their very best. So we designed and manufactured these 3 inch disk holders specifically for our ornaments. The ornament stand in a slot, which has a hole in the bottom to allow light in from below.

The holder covers very little area of the ornament so that most of the ornament’s image is visible at all times. The slot is lined with soft felt or foam to protect from scratches. The felt or foam matches the color of the holder so as not to distract from the ornament. A diffusion slip glued to the bottom of the base diffuses the light from the point-source base to maximize the amount of light glowing up through the ornament.

The holders are available in two colors: Opaque Black and Misty White.

Approximate dimensions: the holder is shaped like a cut-off pyramid. The base is 2.25” x 1”, and it is 0.5” tall. The slot is a little wider than 0.375” wide to leave room for the felt lining.

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Dimensions 3 × 1 × 3 in



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