High Tech Art is Moving to the Village of Calumet, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

MI_49913Calumet, Michigan.  May 1-July 31, 2013.  High Tech Art is moving to the village of Calumet, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

MI from Google Maps 2The move is taking place so that our employees can live in one of the most beautiful lands in the country, surrounded by rocks, hills, trees, and water. We will reopen for business on August 1. See Colleen’s blog entry for June 17, 2013, for more details.

Once the move is complete, products will once again be available to order.

On the Drawing Board:

We will also be able to begin designing and building new products.  Here is a list of the products on our horizon.

  • Wood LED light bases and frames.  I will hire local or Midwest artisans to manufacture high-quality, LED-lit wood bases and frames.
  • Lighted battery-powered mini-frames to hold 3″D Lichtenberg ornaments, so that they can be hung anywhere.
  • Lighted A/C mini-frames to hold 3″D Lichtenberg ornaments, so that they can be hung on an existing LED light string.
  • ROUND Lichtenberg figures, which will require custom-made round light bases and frames to display the Lichtenbergs. These  will be manufactured in the United States, probably in the Midwest.
  • Spoiler alert!  Moving away from Lichtenbergs entirely, in the future, we will offer a variety of iris windows.  The irises would be similar to a camera iris in design, and are intended to provide a very different alternative to window curtains.  They’ll be made to fit square windows, and be composed of either stainless steel, brass, or polymer.

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