Chicon 7

Chicon 7 LogoLichtenberg artists Bert Hickman, Todd Johnson, and I (Colleen Kobe) are very proud to be displaying our Lichtenberg figures in both the Chicon 7 Dealer Room, and the Art Show!

Chicon 7 is the 70th World Science Fiction Convention.  It takes place August 30-September 3, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois.  This convention changes location every year, and we are fortunate to have it so close to us geographically in 2012.

We will be selling our work at the High Tech Art dealer room table.  Everything from patterned-all-over spheres, blocks, and cubes to masked works of angels, stars, and dandelions will be available to purchase.  NEW at Chicon will be my “ornament” line of Lichtenbergs:  3″ diameter disks containing images of winter holidays such as snowflakes and four-pointed stars, as well as anytime images like hearts and peace signs.  Or you may choose an all-over ornament triggered from the face center, or from an edge.  I will also offer several styles of light bases to showcase your ornament.

In the art show, I will be displaying two-color works.  A two-color work features two sheets of acrylic, lit in different colors.  The subjects include a dragon, rocket ship, and planet Saturn.  Todd Johnson will also be displaying his work in the Chicon Art show.

Chicon will be the DEBUT EVENT for many of these pieces:  they have never been on display to the public before.  Please be sure to stop by!

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