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What is a Nova? Like all Lichtenberg Figures, a Nova is the pattern of tunnels left inside a sheet of acrylic when it is exposed to very high levels of electrical energy, and the energy is discharged in a very short period of time. We at High Tech Art are exploring the limits of this brand-new artistic medium.
“Lichtenberg Figure” is a generic term. To distinguish ours from those of others, we at High Tech Art call our Lichtenberg Figures “Novas.” Our product line includes Nova Lichtenberg Figures, LED light bases, and disk display holders.

These High Tech pieces of art are made exclusively by High Tech Art and our associates.

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Lincoln Wedding Announcement
“Snowflake” Nova on a 3”D Disk
“Laurel” Nova with a Unique Spark on a 6 x 6.5” Block
“That Certain Spark” Nova on a 6 x 6.5” Block
“Certificate” Nova in Style X1 on an 8 x 10” Block
“Certificate” Nova in Style X2 on an 8 x 10” Block
Round Point-Style Light Base, Dual Power, 7 Multi-colored LEDs, Rotating
Simple Black 4” Slot-style Light Base with 6 Lively Multicolored LEDs
Simple Black 8” Slot-style Light Base with 12 Red LEDs